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There are a lot of ponies out there, but when you are talking about the Welsh pony, you could be talking about four different types of ponies. In fact, there is a section a, b, c, and d when it comes to Welsh ponies. The section a ponies are the Welsh mountain ponies. The section b is just the Welsh pony. The section c is the Welsh cob pony, and last, but not least, is the Welsh Cob. Yes, section c and d sound about the same, but there is a difference between the Welsh cob pony and the Welsh Cob. Be sure to keep that in mind whenever you are talking about the Welsh ponies with other people. You see, Welsh ponies are suitable mounts for many people. Some people think of ponies as only being mounts for kids, but that is not the case when it comes to Welsh ponies. In fact, these horses can be suitable mounts for grown adults as well. Most people classify the Welsh pony as both a riding pony and a driving pony. However, it is also important to note that the horse can be used for more than that. It has been able to show its ability to preform well under the saddle, and that includes a hunting and jumping horse as well. Overall, the Welsh pony is a very popular childrens' pony.

These ponies are well known for being very smart, thus, they are easy to train to do whatever it is you want them to do. However, they are not just known for being intelligent. They are also known for being very friendly to people and other animals. They have an amazing even temperament. This helps in allowing them to be easily trained. These ponies can be used to do pretty hard trails as well. They are very sure footed, which is a plus for any horse or pony. Welsh ponies also have dense bone and are, overall, pretty hardy. They have very good stamina, and they can ride for hours upon hours. They also come in a lot of different colors. In fact, they can come in any kind of color coat except a spotted pattern. You will not be able to find Welsh ponies in a pinto or Appaloosa coat.

As you can guess, with the easy ability to train, as well as their great and easy going personality, these are the perfect family horse. In fact, these horses are going to want to be part of the family. If you have one of these horses, then you can bet that it is going to want to see you everyday. Do not miss a day to come and see it, or the horse can get depressed. They can eat a lot for being a pony, but they usually burn off all they eat playing around. Overall, this is the best kind of pony you can get. Kids love them, and adults find that they are easy to take care of. These are the perfect family pets, as long as you have a lot of room for them to run around.


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