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The Westphalian horse is a type of horse that is actually a warmblood. True to the name of the horse, it is was bred in Westphalia. If you are not sure where Westphalia is, it is located in the western part of Germany. Ever since World War II, Westphalian Horses have been bred to the same standard as all of the other German warmblood horses. One thing that these horses are well known for is being in the Olympic games. They are great show jumpers, as well as great dressage horses. The Westphalians have the largest breeding population of any German horse, next to the Hanoverian. The reason why so many people like to breed this horse is because of the simple fact that they are so popular, and people love them. They can do so many things, but they are great sports horses overall. Others do like to use them for pleasure riding, but you see that a lot less. If you are going to own a warmblood horse, then you might as well use it for what it does best. In this case, it would be sports like jumping.

Another great thing about Westphalian horses is the fact that they have great temperaments. This makes them perfect for just about any kind of riding that you can think of. In fact, they are very smart, and they learn rather quickly when compared to other horses. The horses, overall, are not hard to get along with. They are rather big horses, standing at about 16 hands high. Of course, some of them can be as small as 15.2 hands high, and some can be as big as 17.2 hands high. They can also weigh a lot for a horse. In fact, most of these horses weigh between 1000 and 1300 lbs each. Thus, it does take a lot of food to take care of those horse, more so than other horses. However, that is where the horse is going to get all of its energy from. Its going to eat the food that it needs to burn off when it is jumping and doing other activities. Overall, this horse is truly worth the extra money it costs to raise it.

The next best thing that you can hear about this horse is how long it lives. These are pretty sound and long living horses. They are pretty much free of any kind of horse disease that you can think of. Thus, it may cost a little bit more to buy one of these horses, but in the end, it is going to be completely worth it. These horses are fast, smart, and very accepting of humans. This is the kind of personality you want from a horse that you are going to be riding. Some people say that this horse is not for short people, however. Due to the big size of the horse, it can be hard for shorter people to mount the horse. Thus, if you fall off the horse, for whatever reason, it is going to be hard to get back on it again.



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