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The Online Horse Industry Is At An All Time High
Industry Stats:
  • The American horse industry alone has grown to $39 billion, expanding by 55% over the last 9 years.
  • The horse population now stands at 9.2 million which is a 33% increase over an 8 year period.
  • Online horse sales and auctions have increased the horse turn rate by breeders by over 27% since 2007.

Our Visitors:
  • Spend from 4 to 7 minutes on our site on the average
  • Are on average 38 years old
  • Respond favorably to advertising & recommend our site to other breeders and potential horse owners

Our Advantages:
  • Banner advertising can be sold at low rates due to less staffing & overhead
  • High conversion rates reduced clutter. Each page is only about one genre
  • Friendly customer service to spend one on one time with you to ensure you get the most out of your advertising dollar
  • Banners are sold to one breeder who has the option to keep that spot for life.
Get Low Priced Ads On High Traffic Pages!
Breed Page Advertising:

High traffic placements available in many breed categories. Once you've purchased the space, you own the rights to renew first and to maintain your placement.

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Other Advertising Options:
  • E-mail blast to our breeder list
  • Featured blog write ups
  • Breeder Admin panel to ensure only breeders see your advertisement
  • Free Horse Directory
  • Breeder Listing and/or website services

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