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The Hequ Horse is a strong, ancient variety of horse originating in central China.  For over a thousand years, Hequ Horses have been a sought-after and multi-talented breed, useful for riding, sport events, as well as heavy work and farm work.  Hequ Horses are renowned for being tough and versatile, a well-rounded animal for whatever your purpose.  Hequ Horses are also known for being tireless, massive, and reliable.  Since the breed originates from a high-altitude region of China, Hequ Horses are adapted with superior strength and endurance to undergo the rigors of hard work in the thinner atmosphere of the high region in which they were bred.

    The color of a Hequ Horse ranges from black to gray to brown, and there are several different varieties among Hequ Horses, including the Kesheng, Jiaode, and Suoke.  Suoke and Kesheng tend to be stronger than Jiaode, and larger, with more color variation as well.

    If you're looking for a Hequ Horse for sale, you're in for a challenge.  Hequ Horses are not the most popular horses ever, especially in the western hemisphere, and true Hequ Horses have been widely mixed with populations of Tibetan and Mongolian horses, obscuring the line between breeds.  In fact, Hequ Horses are commonly mistaken for Tibetan Horses, so if you're looking for a Hequ Horse, be sure you know how to tell a real one.  A true Hequ Horse is a great find, though you may have to travel China itself in order to find one.

    When you find the Hequ Horse for sale that you must have, be sure to get to know him or her a bit before taking him or her to its new home.  Once you have found the Hequ Horse for sale that will be your new horse, make sure that you have all of the horse accessories and supplies you will need.  If you are a first time horse owner, you will have a great deal of horse supplies to obtain.  If you own other horses, your new Hequ Horse won't require many additional supplies.  If you have to buy your Hequ Horse from a foreign breeder, be sure to familiarize yourself with the details of bringing your new horse to your home country.

    If you are a horse lover, and take the time to get to know the Hequ Horses for sale that you meet, you will soon be spending time with your very own Hequ Horse.

    Because Hequ Horse horses are so rare and powerful, be prepared to show your horse off to all of your friends.  Hequ Horses usually don't seem to mind the adoring attention that is paid them, as long as your friends are familiar with the proper way to interact with horses.  Before you introduce your Hequ Horse to everyone you know, make sure it is comfortable in its new home.


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