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The Peruvian Paso Horse

The Peruvian Paso horse is known for being nothing more than a light pleasure horse. A lot of people love riding on these horses because of the smooth ride that they give. People have used this horse for other things, but its amazing look and its smooth ride makes it best suited for life as a pleasure horse. Of course, the Peruvian Paso horses are expensive pleasure horses, and they are the best that money can buy. However, to understand more about the Peruvian Pasos, you have to understand their history and how long they have been around. They have remained, pretty much, unchanged since they first came about. Now let's go into more detail about the Peruvian Paso horses.

This smooth riding horse first cam around in the Middle Ages. They say that this horse came about from the Jennet horse and the Barb horse. The Barb horse was mixed with this horse due to its strength, as well as its amazing stamina. These two horses mixed together did not only give this horse great style, but they gave it amazing comfort, which was hard to find in a horse during the Middle Ages. After that, these horses arrived in South America around 1542. Most people agree that this happened during the Spanish Conquest. After all, this is where the Spanish created the Viceroyalty of New Castilla. This same place later became the Viceroyalty of Peru and was pretty much the import center for the New World colonies of Spain.

When the Peruvian Paso horses got to this new world, they were mostly used for transportation horses at that point in time and were no longer just used to get around. Most of the time, they would transport large amounts of sugar and sometimes cotton as well. These horses really got a chance to show what they were made of, however, because these travels to get the sugar and cotton were long travels that took days. Many said and wrote that it was like a desert trying to cross the land to the things that they need, thus, they need a very sturdy horse that could put up with it. Not only that, but because the horse was such a smooth ride, the people who went on the trips did not have as many back problems later on.

The reason why this horse was unchanged was because this area was not known as a breeding center. Thus, they kept the bloodlines clean and did selective breeding, but with the same types of horses. Over time, this helped the horses to have even better temperament around people. It was not until the 1900's when there was a big decline in Peruvian Pasos. This was because of the major highways that were placed through that area. Thus, these horses where no longer needed to transport things.  In the 60's, the horses made there way up to North American where they remain in large part today. These horses are no longer really used to transport things, but they are used for pleasure riding.


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