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Peruvian Paso Horses For Sale

Peruvian Paso Horses for Sale: Smooth Operators

If you want to find a horse that will give you a comfortable ride, then have a look at Peruvian Paso horses for sale. These horses have a natural four beat lateral gait that makes them the world’s most smooth ride.

Another advantage of the Peruvian Paso is its gentle disposition and eagerness to please. The reason for this is that they are deliberately bred from horses that have the right temperament.

The natural gait of the Peruvian Paso is a classy and showy one that always attracts attention - both in and out of the show ring. In fact, this horse has a movement unique to the breed, which is called ‘termino’. This describes the foreleg action, which is particularly fluid and completely natural.

Many regional shows include the Champagne Class, in which competitors complete several maneuvers with a full glass of Champagne in one hand. The winner is the rider with the fullest glass at the end. Because Peruvian Pasos are such a smooth ride, even the rider who comes last will still have enough left to toast the winner!

You will find that Peruvian Paso horses for sale are available in a range of solid colors, as well as roans and some quite spectacular grays. The color tones and shading on these horses can be attributed to the influence of the Barb, with which it has direct links. Most Peruvian Paso horses are between 14hh and 15.2hh, and are of a similar build to Arabs and Morgans. They are refined-looking horses with well developed muscling. Their heads are of medium size, and they have a straight or slightly curved profile with a small muzzle.

Peruvian Paso Horses For Sale

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