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    The Zorse Horse is a combination of a zebra and a horse, specifically a male zebra and a female horse.  This yields a combination of color and size.  Zorse Horses tend to be more zebra-sized than horse-sized, and they will have a mix of coloring as well, with faded zebra stripes usually amid a darker coat.  The Zorse Horse has relatives in the pony family, as well, which not unexpectedly are known as "Zonies".  Like mules, Zorse Horses and Zonies are infertile, and since they are rarer than mules it is not known if any Zorse Horses have ever borne Zorse Horse foals.


    Since the Zorse Horse is a mix of a wild zebra with a domestic horse, Zorse Horses tend to retain many of the wild characteristics of the zebra, such as an aggressive attitude and predilection towards wild behavior.  This makes them extremely difficult to raise and to ride.  While zebras themselves can be ridden, they are far more uncontrollable and dangerous than the Zorse Horse, which is tempered somewhat by the addition of the domestic horse.  Because of this, Zorse Horses were bred in Africa for their easy availability for use as pack animals.


    Zorse Horses for sale are quite rare, notably because of the difficulty involved not only in importing wild zebras from Africa but also in crossing them, training them, and riding Zorse Horses.  Zorse Horses for sale can be found but are generally not available through many usual advertising and sales channels available to horse buyers.  This is largely due to their unpopularity and difficulty with training.  If you are considering buying a Zorse Horse for sale, it is good to be well-experienced with horse raising.  A Zorse Horse, if not properly cared for, stands the risk of resorting to wild behavior which can be dangerous for further training attempts.  Amateur trainers should not attempt to take on the training of a Zorse Horse, due to the advanced difficulty in training a partly wild animal.


    If you are still interested in buying a Zorse Horse for sale, make sure you do your research.  With so few Zorse Horses available, you may have to do significant research and travel to meet your new Zorse Horse and to let it get to know you prior to taking it to its new home.  You will want to be well aware of the difficulties involved with owning, raising, and training a Zorse Horse.  If you are going to try and breed a Zorse Horse yourself, you should also be well aware of the difficulties in owning and breeding a wild animal like a zebra.  While horse breeders do breed wild animal hybrids such as the Zorse Horse, it is not an activity recommended for beginners!

    But, if you're an expert and you're ready to take on the challenge of breeding a Zorse Horse, many breeders and owners are fans of this unusual breed and extoll the wild traits of the zebra mixed with the domesticity of the horse.


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