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Rocky Mountain Horses for Sale: The Horse with the Stamp of Approval

Just 20 years ago, the Rocky Mountain Horse was almost extinct, but now it is becoming an increasingly popular breed across 48 states and 11 different countries. This very special horse is the only breed that has been awarded a Certification Mark by the US Trademark and Patent Office. This means that each horse has to meet all the stringent criteria regarding height, gait, color and temperament laid down by the Rocky Mountain Horse Association before being awarded a Gold Certification Seal on its registration papers.

When you are looking for Rocky Mountain horses for sale, remember to ask about this important piece of documentation.

Rocky Mountain Horses range between 14.2hh and 16hh and can be any color - although the most popular color is dark bay, often referred to as chocolate, with a flaxen mane and tail. The registry will accept some white markings, but anything on the legs must not go higher than the knee. It is difficult to be precise about other physical characteristics because of the wide variety of breeds that originally made up the Rocky Mountain horse. The one thing that can be guaranteed, however, is the natural four-beat gait that lets the horse cover rough ground quickly and efficiently.

Rocky Mountain horses are hardy animals that are quite able to withstand harsh winters, but their most endearing features are their high levels of intelligence, their stamina, and their gentle dispositions. These traits make choosing Rocky Mountain horses for sale a popular choice.

Rocky Mountain Horses For Sale

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