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Tennessee Walking Horses

Tennessee Walking Horse Horses For Sale

Tennessee Walking Horses for Sale: Walking Tall

Tennessee Walking Horses are famous for their flashy action and their stylish presentation, but you may not be aware of their other qualities. They will soon become apparent as you look closer at the Tennessee Walking Horses for sale.

This gorgeous breed is typically calm and easygoing, and - thanks to their intelligence - very easy to train. They are very comfortable to ride because of their natural gait, which makes them perfect for pleasure and trail riding, as well as for showing.

When you are looking at Tennessee Walking Horses for sale, you will see that they range from 13.2hh to 17.2hh, and generally weigh up to 1,200 pounds. They have a long, sloping shoulder and hip, but their backs are quite short. If a long stride is important to you, then the general rule is to look for a longer top line. Their heads are quite large, but refined looking with small, elegant ears. The legs of a Walking Horse are sturdy, have broad joints, and have a good bone structure.

As well as the gaits common to the breed, the Tennessee Walking Horse is also able to vary the running walk and perform other gaits, such as the fox-trot, single-foot, the stepping pace, and the rack.

The most common colors for Tennessee Walking Horses are bay, black and chestnut, but it is possible for some horses to demonstrate the champagne gene. Other colors include pinto and roan, and quite recently, the Tennessee Walking Horse registry has included horses with a sabino pattern. It is accepted that many previously registered ‘roans’ were in fact, sabinos.

Tennessee Walking Horse Horses For Sale

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